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Smarter Decision-Making with AI

Transition decision making from a reactive BI approach to a proactive AI methodology

Drive customer LTV, reduce churn, predict demand


Our scorecards generate predictions that factor in your full business context because we train our AI on multiple variables that have an affect on a SKU, BU or Company. 

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Our Predictive Models self-learn with every new prediction, meaning you don't have to worry about maintaining or delegating resources to support it

94% Accuracy

SkuCaster's Predictive Models are powered by ML/AI which generate between 88%-94% accuracy

Predicting business outcomes at

Our predictive models are easy to create

Share 3 years of historical data

SkuCaster collects a minimum of 3 years of historical data related to your business problem (sales, shipments, returns, parts, customer, etc.) in order to clean the data and make it AI-ready.

Configure SkuCaster's AI model 

SkuCaster's AI is trained on your newly cleansed historical data while factoring any external data (industry, Ad Spend, POS, etc.) your organization keeps track of.  

Take action with your predictive insights

Proactively anticipate the outcome of your desired projects with 94% accurate Predictive Scorecards.

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Enabling proactive decision-making with Predictive Scorecards

"At first, we were extremely skeptical of how SkuCaster can make an impact because we've been fine for 20 years. "

However, in under 3 months, SkuCaster produced a forecasting model that exceeded our expectations and saved us a lot of time and headache from switching systems entirely. We're happy to have subscribed to SkuCaster and we're looking forward to our continued partnership. 

SkuCaster customer testimonial

Isaac El-Malah

Manager Sales & Operations Distribution Shooze

Predict right out of your ERP, CRM & critical applications

Seamlessly display critical insights right from your ERP

SkuCaster ERP integrations
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